BYB Motives Beauty – Transitioning a Day Look into a Night Look

For many women,
transforming a day make-up look into a night look can be challenging.  Use these tips to help
transform yourself from busy career woman, to late night Beauty!
Highlight around the definition points on your face. Ex. cheekbones, brow bone. I like the Motives® Loose Mineral Shimmer Powder "Gold
Dust" or the highlighting color quad in "You Glow Girl". This will provide a light shimmer that will add an extra elegant touch.

2. Apply a dark
shade of eyeshadow to the back corner of the lid into the crease of
each eye. (My choice would be the Motives South Hampton shade for the
super smoky look).

Use the same shade of dark or deep eyeshadow to create a more dramatic
line around the eye.  Smudge this to create a sultry
appearance. (depending on your preferred look, I would either stick with
the "South Hampton" shade, or darken it up a bit with either "Dark Denim"
or a Motives’ gel eye liner in "Rockstar" or "Little Black Dress".)

Attempt to deepen your lipstick from the day. You can achieve this by
applying a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than your daily. Mix
well. Finish off the lip look with a super shiny gloss. The gloss moisten the lip and provide that kissable pout!

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