Motives Cosmetics Training Information and Classes

Motives Training Information

Nancy Hathaway-Hopowiec
Owner, Senior Motives Consultant
Voicemail # 888-457-8797


Please contact me for the latest scheduling of the following classes:

Motives Introduction, Instruction and Certification Classes (Class Descriptions)
2 classes are a must in order to become a Motives Beauty Consultant and
Makeup Artist.  These 2 classes focus on helping you get your motives
business started and specifically become certified as a motives
You will receive your manual upon acceptance to our business.  The fee for each class is $50 per person. 

Motives Cosmetics – Application, Technique and Business Building Training

is designed to expose our artists to our business model and show them
how to Build a Motives Business as well as our make-up Application and

Custom Cosmetics Training

Trainings will cover
undertone analysis, working with syringes, updated six questions,
updated custom blend programs, live formula mixing and individual
practice sessions.  Creating the perfect Custom mineral powder, blush
and bronzer.   Supplies are extra.


Motives Beauty Basics (Class Descriptions)

Beauty Basics are detailed, 3-hour classes that focus on specific aspects within the Motives business.  There
are six specialized classes within the series, and we typically rotate
through the series, conducting one class approximately every six
weeks.  The fee for each class is $15 per person. 
Beauty Basics
classes are typically held on Monday nights to make them accessible to
beauty industry professionals who have limited time on the weekends. 
Although not mandatory, it is a good idea to bring your motives manual
to these trainings. 

I.  Building a Motives Business

class reviews the basics of running your business with Motives
cosmetics.  We cover the importance of branding, the supplies you will
need, the inventory you’ll want to carry, how to develop a business
plan to meet your goals and objectives, and how to project the Motives
Consultant image.  Although we focus on the Motives store, our
objective is to teach you how to conduct your business as a
professional in order to achieve your personal and financial goals with
all the product lines offered.

II.  Motives Application Techniques & Face Designs
is a favorite in the series.  We review general application guidelines,
how to prepare for color application with the proper supplies and
sanitary techniques, as well as order of application.  We teach you how
to work with face shapes, discuss highlighting and review the Motives
face designs, which will help you create a look that fits your client’s
lifestyle.  We discuss and demonstrate the importance of brushes and
other tools that set you apart as a professional make-up artist.  The
final section of this class is hands-on makeup-up application, so be
sure to bring your color kits and be ready to have fun practicing what
you have learned!

III.  Level I Clinics – Skincare and Isotonix
discuss product knowledge in the Isotonix Nutritional supplement line
and our three skincare lines:  Skintelligence, VitaSheild and Timeless
Prescription.  Health and Nutrition is our #1 store and an important
component of our philosophy of "beauty from the inside out".  We
discuss how to book a Level I clinic to ensure a successful event,
necessary supplies and proper set-up, and how to retail and recruit
through this powerful vehicle.  There is a huge market out there for
these product lines and this class will help you develop a strong
client base to provide you with ongoing repeat orders and referrals.

IV.  Level II Clinics – Motives
this class, you will learn how to conduct a successfull color clinic. 
We teach you about our flagship custom blend foundations as well as
color products in the Motives store.  We discuss and demonstrate how to
book a successful clinic, how to maximize your time and subsequent
clinic bookings, and how to coach your hostess.  Correctly implemented,
Level II clinics are a great retailing tool and a terrific way to
leverage your names list in Motives. 

V.  Undertone Analysis and Other Retail Events
is an opportunity to refresh your undertone analysis skills in a fun
and friendly environment.  This class reviews techniques to help you
master this important concept, including the Quick Quiz, model
exercises and the use of color cards.  We discuss a full range of
retail venues and how to gain prospects and referrals from these
events.  Among the retail events covered are the individual
consultation, double consults, Days of Beauty, weddings, Bridal events,
trade shows, fundraisers and gift baskets.

VI.  Retail, Recruiting and Customer Service Skills
training teaches the basics of retailing, recruiting and customer
services skills.  We review how to book an appointment, overcome
objections, close the sale, stimulate add-on sales, sell in
collections, and promote seasonal sales.  We also discuss recruiting
skills and getting referrals, as well as the importance of customer
service.  Customer service is critical to your one-to-one marketing
business, and this class reinforces the value of a good follow-up
system and the preferred customer program.

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