Makeup Colors – Am I Cool or Warm?

Are You Warm or Cool??

This seems to be one of the biggest questions in
There is a concept in makeup that describes color and undertones in terms of warm and
cool. This can cover foundations, powders and even blushes. It comes
from a system introduced a few decades back that can be loosely
described as color coding.  It was, in basic terms, a system where a
person (mainly women, but men too) could figure out how to choose their
clothes and even makeup according to an individual’s skin complexion or undertone. 
Each persons undertone would match up with a particular season of the
year.  If a person had very fair skin tone that was warm (ie. yellow or warm undertones)
with soft hair color, that person would be
considered a "spring" and would match their clothes and even makeup to
what was considered "Spring" colors.  If a person had a medium skin
tone that was cool (ie. pink or blue undertones), with soft hair color, that person would be considered a "Summer".   If a
person had a more tan skin tone that was warm (yellow, or golden beige undertones) and warm hair, that person would be considered a
"Fall".   If a person had a more cool (pink) undertone of skin that contrasts with vibrant hair color, that
person would be considered a "Winter".
  Understanding your skin undertone will help identify which
makeup colors are best for you.   Here is a simpler breakdown.
If you are a Cool also known as a Summer or Winter:
eyes are typically blue or gray. Hair color is typically blonde, brown
or black. Skin has definite blue and pinkish undertones
. You look great in “jewel tones” like blues, greens, pinks and purples and your foundation is most likely a pink base.

Winters wear true primary colors with blue added. Colors are always clear tints (white) whether they are true or blue-based. Winter wears primaries, tints and shades. Tints have white to lighten and brighten. Shades have black to darken.

Summer wears basic primary colors or hues with a blue- base. However, dusty or powered colors are best. If the Summer is wearing the medium to light color values, the colors may be more clear. The medium to dark values must be dusty or muted, other wise this person would be overpowered by the clear, deep hues. Summer wears tones (gray has been added) the medium light colors are tints or tones.

If you are a Warm also known as an Autumn or Spring:
eyes are typically brown, green or hazel. Hair color is typically
brown, black, red, auburn, blonde or strawberry blonde. Skin has
yellow/orange or olive undertones. You look great in “earth tones” like
yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens and orange based reds and your foundation is yellow based.

Autumns wear basic primary colors with a yellow base. However, they are muted or muddied. Many of the autumn colors overlap the spring colors, particularly in the green and browns. It
is much easier for Autumn to wear the clear spring colors than it is
for the Spring to wear any of the muted shades of Autumn.
Autumn should avoid any of the warm pinks and blues, as well as the clear light colors of the Spring palette. Autumn’s light colors are tones; dark colors are tones and shades. The only true secondary color is orange.

Spring wears basic primary colors with a yellow base. These colors are and should be clear in essence. Spring usually wears medium to light colors/hues best. It
is not easy to achieve the clarity in woolen fabrics in many of the
spring basic/neutral colors, so it is important to choose blouses and
scarves in the clearest tones possible to wear with the woolens.
Spring wears only tints – no shades or tones.

Your hair color, skin color and eye color all play key roles in determining the most flattering colors for You…..both in makeup and clothing.  When you wear the right colors, you will know it because you’ll look great; you’ll look alive and healthy.  By wearing the right colors you can also visually reduce wrinkles, shadows, facial hair and even the appearance of weight and any other imperfections will be minimized.  The the right colors give an illusion of health and vibrancy.

Have Fun with color, experiement and find your perfect Palette.

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