Bridal Makeup: Tips for Hiring a Makeup Artist or Applying your Own

It’s June and Wedding Season is Officially underway! 
If you’ve decided to
hire a makeup artist to apply picture perfect makeup for your wedding,
it’s important that you have a trial at least a few weeks or a month or two before the big day.  A trial will
ensure that the makeup artist knows exactly how you want your makeup
applied for your wedding and you have no surprises the day of your wedding.  It’s common to be charged a fee for the trial.  Although the trial cost is not going to be as much as the day of the wedding, rates from $50-$150 are common.  Also, it’s a good idea to take a photo of yourself before and after the trial so you and the makeup artist have something to refer to.


If you’re planning on
doing your own wedding day makeup, make sure that you practice putting
on exactly what you think you want the month or so before your wedding.  Get your products ready to ensure you have what you’ll need (enough concealer, bronzer, foundation, blush, shadows, liners, mascara and lipstick) in your makeup bag.  You don’t want to find out the morning of your big day that you ran out, or don’t have enough of something you really need.  Consulting with a makeup artist on this will be important.  An artist such as Nancy from can provide instruction and technique to help ensure you’ll be comfortable in knowing what to wear and how to apply it.  If you don’t have what you need, you’ll also be able to order it from Nancy and has a wide selection of products to choose from.


Nancy from will help you customize and create a Bridal Beauty Kit that is filled with everything you will need to apply your own wedding day makeup.  A typical kit would include:

  • Eye Shadow, Blush, Custom-Blended Foundation and Setting Powder
  • Little Black Dress Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and the Exclusive Fine Liner Brush for application
  • Black Water-proof Mascara
  • Lip Gloss
  • Cosmetic Case

If you are doing your own makeup, here are Nancy’s wedding day tips

  1. Be sure to even out skin with a yellow-toned
    foundation. Flash photography tends to wash you out and emphasize pink tones in the skin.  Apply your foundation by starting at the nose and mouth where there’s the most redness, and then
    blend outward to the rest of the face.
  2. Set your concealer and
    foundation with Powder to ensure longer-lasting
    wear and to ensure that skin looks matte in pictures.
  3. If your dress has an open neckline or is sleeveless, be sure to warm up your neck,chest and/or shoulders with a dusting of Bronzer.
  4. Use a
    water-resistant liner that can withstand tears; try Motives "Little Black Dress" Long-Wearing Gel
    Eyeliner applied with the Fine Eye Liner Brush. If you prefer to
    line with shadow, make it longer-lasting by applying it with a slightly
    damp Eye Liner Brush. Finish with a water-resistant mascara.
  5. After applying all
    your eye makeup, finish with a highlighter shade on the browbone to make
    eyes pop. Rub your finger in a light matte shade and pat lightly on the
    outer corner of the browbone.
  6. For a pretty flush
    that lasts, use two shades of Blush. First, apply a neutral shade on
    the apples of cheeks, blending up into the hairline, then downwards to
    soften. Then apply a brighter shade just on the apples of cheeks for a pop of color.
  7. Neutral and pale
    lip colors look washed out in photographs, so choose a lip color that’s
    one to two shades brighter than what you normally wear. Pinks, roses
    and plums are perfect choices for brides.
  8. To make Lip Color last longer, line and fill in lips with your Motives Lip Pencil before applying your lip color or gloss.
  9. Carry a touch-up
    makeup bag that contains your concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner,
    tissues, mints, and a mini sewing kit (for emergency clothing fixes
    like a dropped hem or popped button).
  10. "Be Yourself; Be Beautiful"® and most importantly Breathe and Enjoy!
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