Prescriptives Cosmetics says Bye….Be Yourself Beauty says Hi

September 2009 – Prescriptives cosmetics announces that it will be closing it’s doors January 31, 2010. 

That’s sad news for it’s Customers….especially those you have become accustomed to enjoying a custom-blend foundation. 

At we understand how wonderful custom blended foundations are!…That’s why we’ve been making them since 1995.  If you haven’t been custom-blended, you don’t know what it truly means to find the "Perfect" foundation.  Our custom blend formulas are exactly that…perfectly made for You in every way!   They are Customized to meet your skin tone and skin type needs…whether that be for oily skin or someone who needs a moisturizing formula, we can make the foundation to do what you want and what your skin requires. 

We are happy to welcome former Prescriptives Customers and offer them a sample of our Custom-Blend foundation absolutely FREE to try before you buy.  Simply visit our website for complete information or contact

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