Wedding Makeup Tips – Bridal Beauty Before and After

Weddings are one of the most important celebration of one’s life.  It’s a time to celebrate the union of two lives into one and share in the joy of such a special occasion with family and friends. You take the time to create the perfect day, the one you have always dreamed of.  You find the perfect wedding gown, the perfect shoes and jewelry
to match.  You’ve invested in the best photographer you could find to capture the moment.  You think
of how you’ll wear your hair and veil, and of course, you don’t want to forget, makeup.  Your hair is the frame of your
face and your face is the portrait.  Given such an occasion, your everyday look isn’t going to be enough for photography purposes.  You will want to put your best face forward with
the best makeup and artist you can find so that your Picture Perfect for the Wedding Day.  Some women are do-it-yourself
brides and might be able to create a nice look; however, they may be missing the boat
with “DIY” makeup on this special day.  Having a professional makeup artist who’s trained and
experienced in concealing, neutralizing and enhancing for photography
and specific lighting is invaluable.  After all, what is the first thing people will notice about you when you walk in the room or look at your pictures???  It’s really Not the dress, shoes, jewelry or hair, it’s Your Face.

Did you realize that when you’re photographed with a professional
lens, such as the one your photographer will use, you photograph up
to 3 shades lighter than you actually appear in person?  Having a foundation
shade that matches your skin isn’t enough; a shade that is custom
blended and applied in a seamless way is crucial to avoid that washed out, “ghostly”
look or, just as important, to avoid looking orange or “muddy” by using
a shade too deep.  I’m sure you have read that you should use a concealer
that’s one shade lighter than your foundation color.  Well, this is Not necessarily true. The color
of your under-eye circles will determine what shade of concealer should
be used and if you need a corrector.  Airbrush foundation is a wonderful invention that was hard to
come by until recent years. With airbrush you get a smooth application
that looks like second skin, feels weightless and lasts longer than any
other foundation. It’s often used for high definition television and
editorial photography therefore making it ideal for brides who need it
to last through tears and dancing while looking natural to guests and
flawless in photos.

Does your blush tend to fade into your skin or your eyeliner smudge
towards the afternoon? Well, we can’t have that happening on your big
day where all eyes will be on you and cameras are clicking everywhere
you turn!  There are techniques and unique cosmetics a professional
artist will use to ensure your makeup looks and stays fresh from the moment of
application until the very last dance and you rest your head next to your spouse later that
evening.  Have you ever gone to a makeup counter at Nordstrom or
Macy’s to have your makeup done and find it looks much different outside the store??   A well trained makeup pro knows how to capture the best you in all lighting scenarios and can personally attest to how the makeup will wear, feel and look.  Having a
beauty arsenal that is ready for whatever the day throws at her or him
is what differentiates the average makeup artist from the professional
makeup artist.  The Professional makeup artist will know how different products compliment
different skin colors and skin types to achieve a flawless end result.



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