New Year, New You!!

Happy New Year!  The New Year brings us all a wonderful opportunity to
reflect on the past year and again, and make a resolution to do something
to empower ourselves.  One way women can empower themselves is through
the use of makeup.  It has been proven that when you look good, you
feel good and it helps boost your confidence.  Empower yourself today
with a personal consultation and make this Year a Beautiful Year with
Be Yourself Beauty.  Contact us today at 860-289-8191 or toll free at
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Prescriptives Cosmetics says Bye….Be Yourself Beauty says Hi

September 2009 – Prescriptives cosmetics announces that it will be closing it’s doors January 31, 2010. 

That’s sad news for it’s Customers….especially those you have become accustomed to enjoying a custom-blend foundation. 

At we understand how wonderful custom blended foundations are!…That’s why we’ve been making them since 1995.  If you haven’t been custom-blended, you don’t know what it truly means to find the "Perfect" foundation.  Our custom blend formulas are exactly that…perfectly made for You in every way!   They are Customized to meet your skin tone and skin type needs…whether that be for oily skin or someone who needs a moisturizing formula, we can make the foundation to do what you want and what your skin requires. 

We are happy to welcome former Prescriptives Customers and offer them a sample of our Custom-Blend foundation absolutely FREE to try before you buy.  Simply visit our website for complete information or contact

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The Colors of “Motive”ation – Motives Cosmetics Eye Shadows

Motives Cosmetics Pressed Eye Shadows – The Colors of MotiveAtion —

The new Motives Cosmetics shadows look even better on your lids than they do in
their newly packaged elegant cases. These crease-proof shadows have the perfect quality of pigment and shimmer without being too glittery.  Best of all, they come in a wide range of intriguing hues and they’re formulated to deflect light away from any fine
lines along the eye area, creating an optical illusion that disguises any
visible signs of aging.

Pictured below are just a few of the pressed
eye shadow colors we have to offer…

find out more at

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Bridal Makeup: Tips for Hiring a Makeup Artist or Applying your Own

It’s June and Wedding Season is Officially underway! 
If you’ve decided to
hire a makeup artist to apply picture perfect makeup for your wedding,
it’s important that you have a trial at least a few weeks or a month or two before the big day.  A trial will
ensure that the makeup artist knows exactly how you want your makeup
applied for your wedding and you have no surprises the day of your wedding.  It’s common to be charged a fee for the trial.  Although the trial cost is not going to be as much as the day of the wedding, rates from $50-$150 are common.  Also, it’s a good idea to take a photo of yourself before and after the trial so you and the makeup artist have something to refer to.


If you’re planning on
doing your own wedding day makeup, make sure that you practice putting
on exactly what you think you want the month or so before your wedding.  Get your products ready to ensure you have what you’ll need (enough concealer, bronzer, foundation, blush, shadows, liners, mascara and lipstick) in your makeup bag.  You don’t want to find out the morning of your big day that you ran out, or don’t have enough of something you really need.  Consulting with a makeup artist on this will be important.  An artist such as Nancy from can provide instruction and technique to help ensure you’ll be comfortable in knowing what to wear and how to apply it.  If you don’t have what you need, you’ll also be able to order it from Nancy and has a wide selection of products to choose from.


Nancy from will help you customize and create a Bridal Beauty Kit that is filled with everything you will need to apply your own wedding day makeup.  A typical kit would include:

  • Eye Shadow, Blush, Custom-Blended Foundation and Setting Powder
  • Little Black Dress Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and the Exclusive Fine Liner Brush for application
  • Black Water-proof Mascara
  • Lip Gloss
  • Cosmetic Case

If you are doing your own makeup, here are Nancy’s wedding day tips

  1. Be sure to even out skin with a yellow-toned
    foundation. Flash photography tends to wash you out and emphasize pink tones in the skin.  Apply your foundation by starting at the nose and mouth where there’s the most redness, and then
    blend outward to the rest of the face.
  2. Set your concealer and
    foundation with Powder to ensure longer-lasting
    wear and to ensure that skin looks matte in pictures.
  3. If your dress has an open neckline or is sleeveless, be sure to warm up your neck,chest and/or shoulders with a dusting of Bronzer.
  4. Use a
    water-resistant liner that can withstand tears; try Motives "Little Black Dress" Long-Wearing Gel
    Eyeliner applied with the Fine Eye Liner Brush. If you prefer to
    line with shadow, make it longer-lasting by applying it with a slightly
    damp Eye Liner Brush. Finish with a water-resistant mascara.
  5. After applying all
    your eye makeup, finish with a highlighter shade on the browbone to make
    eyes pop. Rub your finger in a light matte shade and pat lightly on the
    outer corner of the browbone.
  6. For a pretty flush
    that lasts, use two shades of Blush. First, apply a neutral shade on
    the apples of cheeks, blending up into the hairline, then downwards to
    soften. Then apply a brighter shade just on the apples of cheeks for a pop of color.
  7. Neutral and pale
    lip colors look washed out in photographs, so choose a lip color that’s
    one to two shades brighter than what you normally wear. Pinks, roses
    and plums are perfect choices for brides.
  8. To make Lip Color last longer, line and fill in lips with your Motives Lip Pencil before applying your lip color or gloss.
  9. Carry a touch-up
    makeup bag that contains your concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner,
    tissues, mints, and a mini sewing kit (for emergency clothing fixes
    like a dropped hem or popped button).
  10. "Be Yourself; Be Beautiful"® and most importantly Breathe and Enjoy!
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Makeup Tips and How to: Create Beautiful Eyes

TIPS and HOW-TO’s for Creating Beautiful Eye’s


the sophisticated look

1. Apply a light eyeshadow over your entire eyelid from lash

line to eyebrow bone, but not beyond.

2. Define the crease of your eyelid using a medium or dark

shade. The deeper the shade, the more dramatic the look.

3. To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place

a dot of a light shade in the inner corner of each eye.

Tip: When choosing an eyeshadow shade, keep

in mind that a pastel shade will look softer while a darker

shade will appear more dramatic when applied.

elegant, dramatic eyes

1. To create a gorgeous nighttime look, use
light, medium and dark eyeshadow shades in graduated tones.
Apply the dark shade along your lash line, the medium shade
on the crease, and a light shade up to the eyebrow bone but
not beyond. Soften and blend any hard edges so one color seems
to melt into the next.
2. To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place
a dot of a light shadow in the inner corner of each eye.
3. For a sexy, smoky effect, trace the upper
and lower lashes with a dark shadow then smudge with a blending
brush. To optimize the look, this can also be done over eyeliner.

natural-looking eyeliner

Tip: For a natural-looking eyeliner
and the illusion of lusher, fuller lashes,
use a dark brown eye pencil and carefully press a series
of dots between your lashes following your lash line.

Tip: For the sophisticated look,
draw a smooth fine line alone the top lashes.

Tip: To create the dramatic look,
draw a line inside your lash line (as close to the lashes
as possible), then along the top of the lash line.

to get brighter, wider eyes

Apply one thin coat of mascara to both upper and lower lashes.
For a more dramatic look, allow first coat to dry completely
then apply a second coat concentrating on the base of the lash.

For a real eye-opener, use an eyelash curler
before applying mascara. Curl gently at the base of the lashes,
but never beyond the center of the lashes. Don’t clamp down
on one spot for too long or you’ll get a sharp angle.

Don’t pump the applicator wand in the mascara tube. Doing
so will trap air inside and cause the mascara to dry out.
Instead, twist the wand to collect more mascara on the brush.

to get well-defined, well-groomed brows

1. Brush your eyebrows straight up with an eyebrow brush.
Using small straight scissors, carefully trim any hairs that
are curly or too long. Then brush the brows back into their
natural shape.
2. Hold a pencil along the side of your nose to ensure that
the inner edge of your brow lines up with the inside corner
of your eye.
3. Move the pencil so that it intersects with your iris. The
arch of your brow should line up with the pencil.
4. Angle the pencil from the outside edge of your nose to
the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow
should end.
5. Tweeze where necessary and fill in with a soft pencil or
6. Brush with an eyebrow brush and apply eyebrow gel to keep
strays in place. You’re done!

For More Great Tips visit

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Motives Beauty – The Prettiest Spring Trend: Rosy Blush

[Image via Flickr]

makeup and lipstick get all the press, but – as shown on Helena
Christensen in British InStyle – the perfect shade of blush can make
just as much impact. Sometimes that fresh, pretty glow is all you need.
Here, 3 makeup-artist secrets for getting it right:

  1. Go for a sheer formula that’s easy to blend and imparts a sheer, dewy finish.
  2. With
    a big, fluffy brush or fan brush, blend the color in a swirling motion
    across the apples of your cheeks. (Avoid placing blush too close to
    your eye or right underneath it).
  3. Choose a slightly
    brighter shade than you think you need, unless you already have
    naturally high color in your skin. A hint of a vivid blush tends to be
    far more flattering than any neutral, tawny shade and gives you a
    genuine-looking, sexy flush.

Personally, I swear by Motives Pressed Blush in Runway

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Who said 65 can’t be Sexy????

Not only is "Good Morning America" anchor
Diane Sawyer an award-winning journalist and one of Time magazine’s most
influential people in the world; she also happens to be incredibly sexy at
63!  photo by Jason Kempin/WireImage.comMay 5, 2009
It’s Possible for you to look Great at your age….whatever it may be….all it takes is a little bit of knowledge and the right products.  Let me show you How you can look Fabulous with a Personalized Lesson… me through to book an appointment.
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Springtime Colors and New Motives Products

Motives Beauty – this Raspberry Lip Color is Perfect for Spring

Loren is loving this look. Not only does it have an utterly romantic quality, it’s also modern and fresh. Better yet, this type of lush, jewel-like lip stain works as a great counterpoint to all the pale, blush-tone colors around this season. (Note: It looks especially excellent when paired with clear skin, lightly defined eyes and a touch of mauve blush.)

Oh, and did I mention how easy it is?

  1. Blend a little concealer under your eyes, around your nose and anywhere else you need it: When you wear any bold lip color, it’s important that your skin look flawless, glowing and even.
  2. Dab on Motives Magenta lipstick and blot it with a tissue. Repeat till you reach the desired depth of color.
  3. Top with clear or pink balm or gloss to soften the effect.

Here’s the pretty shade that makes it all happen:

What hot lip color are you craving for Spring?  You can find it at:
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Makeup Colors – Am I Cool or Warm?

Are You Warm or Cool??

This seems to be one of the biggest questions in
There is a concept in makeup that describes color and undertones in terms of warm and
cool. This can cover foundations, powders and even blushes. It comes
from a system introduced a few decades back that can be loosely
described as color coding.  It was, in basic terms, a system where a
person (mainly women, but men too) could figure out how to choose their
clothes and even makeup according to an individual’s skin complexion or undertone. 
Each persons undertone would match up with a particular season of the
year.  If a person had very fair skin tone that was warm (ie. yellow or warm undertones)
with soft hair color, that person would be
considered a "spring" and would match their clothes and even makeup to
what was considered "Spring" colors.  If a person had a medium skin
tone that was cool (ie. pink or blue undertones), with soft hair color, that person would be considered a "Summer".   If a
person had a more tan skin tone that was warm (yellow, or golden beige undertones) and warm hair, that person would be considered a
"Fall".   If a person had a more cool (pink) undertone of skin that contrasts with vibrant hair color, that
person would be considered a "Winter".
  Understanding your skin undertone will help identify which
makeup colors are best for you.   Here is a simpler breakdown.
If you are a Cool also known as a Summer or Winter:
eyes are typically blue or gray. Hair color is typically blonde, brown
or black. Skin has definite blue and pinkish undertones
. You look great in “jewel tones” like blues, greens, pinks and purples and your foundation is most likely a pink base.

Winters wear true primary colors with blue added. Colors are always clear tints (white) whether they are true or blue-based. Winter wears primaries, tints and shades. Tints have white to lighten and brighten. Shades have black to darken.

Summer wears basic primary colors or hues with a blue- base. However, dusty or powered colors are best. If the Summer is wearing the medium to light color values, the colors may be more clear. The medium to dark values must be dusty or muted, other wise this person would be overpowered by the clear, deep hues. Summer wears tones (gray has been added) the medium light colors are tints or tones.

If you are a Warm also known as an Autumn or Spring:
eyes are typically brown, green or hazel. Hair color is typically
brown, black, red, auburn, blonde or strawberry blonde. Skin has
yellow/orange or olive undertones. You look great in “earth tones” like
yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens and orange based reds and your foundation is yellow based.

Autumns wear basic primary colors with a yellow base. However, they are muted or muddied. Many of the autumn colors overlap the spring colors, particularly in the green and browns. It
is much easier for Autumn to wear the clear spring colors than it is
for the Spring to wear any of the muted shades of Autumn.
Autumn should avoid any of the warm pinks and blues, as well as the clear light colors of the Spring palette. Autumn’s light colors are tones; dark colors are tones and shades. The only true secondary color is orange.

Spring wears basic primary colors with a yellow base. These colors are and should be clear in essence. Spring usually wears medium to light colors/hues best. It
is not easy to achieve the clarity in woolen fabrics in many of the
spring basic/neutral colors, so it is important to choose blouses and
scarves in the clearest tones possible to wear with the woolens.
Spring wears only tints – no shades or tones.

Your hair color, skin color and eye color all play key roles in determining the most flattering colors for You…..both in makeup and clothing.  When you wear the right colors, you will know it because you’ll look great; you’ll look alive and healthy.  By wearing the right colors you can also visually reduce wrinkles, shadows, facial hair and even the appearance of weight and any other imperfections will be minimized.  The the right colors give an illusion of health and vibrancy.

Have Fun with color, experiement and find your perfect Palette.

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How to achieve the Smokey, Dramatic Eye

Here’s an easy way to get that edgy eye-makeup look needed to achieve that smokey, dramatic eye!

Here’s What You will need:

-a sharpened medium grey pencil eyeliner (May I suggest Motives Kohl Eyeliner in Steel?)
matte medium grey powder eyeshadow (I like Motives pressed eyeshadow in
Steel or Gun Metal for a more dramatic, evening look).


Gently stroke the grey eyeliner pencil along your upper lid getting as
close as possible to your lashline. You can vary the edginess of the
look by extending the line out as far or as short as you wish.

With your Motives eyeliner brush, apply the eyeshadow powder in a line
along your lower lashline, again getting as close as possible. Blend
the product on both top and bottom lids into your lashline using your
eye definer brush.

4. Curl your lashes and add two coats of Lustrafy mascara.

photo compliments of Allure

Pair your steel eyes with a nude lip and blush….now you’ve got that smokey, sultry look!  To get these products go to:

Blog Compliments of Loren Ridinger

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